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Youth Academy, LLC of Fairmont, West Virginia: Camping Photo
Academy Programs began serving at-risk children and families in West Virginia in 2002. The Academy serves its community and state by providing residential and in-home services for children with behavioral disorders. Yore and YALE Academies are residential substance abuse programs that each serve 24 children at capacity. The Youth Academy is a Level II residential program that has a capacity of 22. The Youth Academy also offers Community Family Intensive Treatment (CFIT) an in-home program that serves children at risk of out of home placement and those returning home from placement. All Academy services and programs feature an accountable, family centered, community-based approach. We appreciate your visit to our site.

The guiding philosophy of Academy Programs is Re-EDucation.

The creation of Re-ED in the early 1960s constituted a new paradigm for treating children who demonstrated troubling behaviors very different than that of traditional treatment programs. There are two key elements that separate the application of Re-ED principle from the traditional forms of psychodynamic theory. One, we believe that human beings derive the most benefit out of life as it is lived, not as it is talked about. The experience of the day's events are sufficient to create a sense of health, happiness, and self worth as opposed to the psychodynamic insight created during a session of traditional psychodynamic therapy.

Second, Re-ED challenges the notion that maladaptive behavior is the result of an underlying pathology, an illness, on behalf of the child. Rather, the behavior is a symptom of a malfunction in the child's family, school, community, and relationships with other people.

Re-ED represents a departure from traditional psychodynamic treatment programs and places that emphasis on the importance of learning and successful living. Re-ED is vested in helping children achieve academically and behaviorally. Fortunately for us, academic learning and behavior learning are intertwined in a manner that allows one to compliment the other making achievement in both arenas more obtainable.

Contact the Academy at 304-363-3341 if you would like to tour the campus.

Youth Academy, LLC of Fairmont, West Virginia
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