David Bonasso Dr. David Bonasso
Dr. Bonasso is a lifelong resident of Marion County and community contributor. He has been a practicing dentist for more than three decades in Fairmont. He graduated from West Virginia University's School of Dentistry in 1976. In addition to serving Academy Programs, Dr. Bonasso also serves on the boards of First Exchange Bank and Fairmont Catholic School. He is also a member of Rotary. He has three children and has been married to his wife, Rosemary. Dr. Bonasso resides in Fairmont.
Ronald Pearse Dr. Ronald Pearse
Dr. Pearse is a lifelong resident of Fairmont and has led a professional life of serving children and families through his practice. For 10 years he served as the Chair of Fairmont State University's School of Social Sciences. He retired in 2003 after serving as a full-time professor at FSU for 35 years. Dr. Pearse is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for several decades. Dr. Pearse received his Ed.D from WVU in 1990. He has served on numerous boards for local agencies and has contracted his services to organizations devoted to helping troubled children. Dr. Pearse is a resident of Fairmont.

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American Re-Education Association Council on Accreditation